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Strandemo & Associates' E-Design is a service thats online & email based. You understand and agree that all communication/services will be provided solely by electronic means. Strandemo & Associates E-Design service is not intended for construction purposes, only to improve the aesthetic appeal of your space. We will not be responsible for the methods/procedures of construction, fabrication, installations, acts or omissions of the contractor, sub contractor, or supplier preforming the work on the E-Design project. The client is responsible for the final designing of their space, as well as for all furnishings. While Strandemo & Associates may help make product and design suggestions, we assume no responsibility for the clients final selections. Some products that you purchase through Strandemo & Associates are provided by a third party vendors, unless informed otherwise. We are not responsible for scheduling, delivery dates, errors related to any furnishings, or other products/services by a third party vendor/provider that the client has purchased on their own. The client is solely responsible for all site measurements, and ensuring that any furnishings, whether purchased through Strandemo & Associates or another vendor, can be delivered to the site, can fit through any doorways, entryways, hallways, or up/ down stairs. Strandemo & Associates is not responsible for any disputes between the Client and a third party vendor/provider. Under no circumstances will Strandemo & Associates be responsible for any furnishing bought by the client through a third party vendor. However, if Strandemo & Associates has ordered the item, and it arrives damaged or defective, the client will notify Strandemo & Associates within 24hrs of receipt, and we will do our best to secure repair/replacement. The third party vender is ultimately and solely responsible for the repair/replacement of a defective product. Once payment has been received, your name will be added to the Project Wait list. You will be notified by email when you're next in line. The project will begin when all measurements and photos have been sent. Once started, most projects are completed within 2-8 weeks depending on the project. The client is aware that Strandemo & Associates may share this project on the Strandemo & Associate website, blog, portfolio, or with future clients. The client agrees to provide "after photos of the project for the Strandemo & Associates design portfolio. Any E-Design work submitted to you for your project is the property of Strandemo & Associates and all copyrights and other proprietary rights applicable thereto remain at all times Strandemo & Associates property.