Very often I am asked by my clients how we start a project.  It has always been an interesting process to me. There is always some source of inspiration that begins the process, be it a photo inspiration, a piece of furniture, a view, a beautiful fabric. I have even been given a scarf from a client that told me "this is everything that I love". I am big on pulling inspiration photos - everything from architectural details, landscape views, kitchen, bath and fireplace photos. If my clients have started their own collection of photos I pour over them - it tells me how focused they are on the end result. If their collection has contemporary Spanish photos and also has rustic Tuscan details, I need to find the details within the photo that are drawing them in.
A compilation of photos that will end up being the thread that keeps us moving on a consistent path. I will open these photos many times during our designing and building process to re-focus us back on track.

Kohler portrays it perfectly. The smallest inspiration can be the whole basis on what a home is designed around!